I woke up this morning thinking about something else that Dr. Bad Ass mentioned yesterday.  As usual, I was rambling on about this and that, and as usual, I began my post babble session processing after the fact. It took until this morning to realize the significance of what had been said.  As I carried on about lack of time, she was emphatic about the importance of allowing time for creativity.

I’ve never thought much about making time for creativity.  Following yesterday’s gab session, it occurs to me my happiest times in life have been times when I’ve had some sort of creative outlet, and yet, when I think about wanting and needing more time, my first thoughts haven’t been the need to create.

I’m frequently told I need to do something for myself.  “You should plan a day at the spa. Get a mani.  Get a Ped.  Buy yourself a new outfit.”  Although, I try to do for myself now and then, those type of things haven’t satisfied the emptiness I often feel.  When I think about when I’ve felt the most fulfilled,  it’s when I’ve been involved in some sort of creative experience.  Until now, I’ve never thought about the importance of creativity and its power in nourishing my soul. When I did seed bead work, I felt enlightened.  When I was knitting regularly, I felt energized.  When I write, I feel lighter and more free, and yet when I think of doing for myself, none of these things have ever been on the list.

Creation forces the brain to think outside of the box.  A good manicure does not.  Creation results is a final product and a feeling of accomplishment.  A new dress from Nordstroms does not.  Writing a few words ever day is cathartic and provides a feeling of empowerment.  Making time for a favorite television program does not.

I must make time for creativity.  I need its nourishment.  I need to feel the sense of accomplishment it provides and most importantly, I need its help battling the monster of self-doubt.




clb  ♡


3 thoughts on “…create…

  1. Yep, I agree completely. I’m positive starting to write again saved me from a nervous breakdown. Great that you’ve figured the same thing out about yourself 🙂

    1. I have felt better since beginning the blog, than I have in months. Issues with children and a broken heart, took its toll on me last year. I haven’t had the time (it’s probably more appropriate to say I haven’t “taken” the time) to write this week, and it’s left me feeling like a child who’s been grounded. It wasn’t until my conversation last night and my epiphany this morning that I realized I was the one who’d grounded myself. Once I realized this, I was able to immediately lift the punishment. 🙂

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