Robust Coffee and a Jamaican Stud

Nothing is better than a day of being in your groove and nothing is worse than a day when you’re not.  Groove is an interesting thing.  It’s completely unpredictable and has such a variety of fuels, it’s difficult to know what nourishment it may need to rejuvenate itself.  This makes it impossible to predict when it will mosey in and provide umph or when it will utter a snarky “screw you” and take an unannounced sabbatical, usually without leaving a forwarding address or the day of its expected return.

Today I was in my groove.  My groove was well nourished, which allowed it to nourish me.  I mingled with friends and I wrote.  More importantly I wrote well.  It was one of those days I wish I could repeat over and over again – think Groundhog Day, only instead of an annoying little rodent racing around a golf course, visualize me pacing too and from the counter at my local coffee shop to refill my unlimited supply of robust espresso.

Things worked today.  They fell into place in a wonderful way and I feel accomplished.  My brain was clear, my focus was directed and it has left me feeling jazzed in the best kind of way.  I’m not sure what was different or why it was so easy, but it was, and I feel an overwhelming gratitude for the day.

Stella got her groove back by going on a Jamaican vacation and finding a hot young stud.  I got my grove back, while sipping coffee and chatting with friends whom I can be vulnerable with.  Stella may have had more fun, but I am enjoying some kick ass results.

Of course… a Jamaican stud would be really nice too…haha!



2 thoughts on “Robust Coffee and a Jamaican Stud

    1. I’m going to be 50 in March, but unfortunately Jamaican studs are endangered, if not extinct here in Alaska. It makes me miss my Florida roots. I’d be a lot closer if I was still there. 😉

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