It seems only fitting to begin today where I began a year ago – with a writing prompt from lindaghill.  It was with her January 2014 writing challenge that I began this blog.  This is my first Stream of Consciousness challenge, and its timing is perfect since my goal for writing this year is to write more and think less.

Today’s SoCS challenge is the word “consume.”  When I think of the word consume, I don’t think of  material objects, I think about engagement. I think of the consumption of goodness, grace and gratitude. Some of this is undoubtedly connected to my recent obsessive thinking about how I’m going to regain control of my life in the upcoming new year.  I have spent far too much time attempting to hang on to the things that have continually drug me down in 2014, and as I begin to focus on the new beginnings associated with the new year, I want to allow myself – I want to force myself to consume the goodness that is offered by others, and I want to consume the grace that I’m bestowed. I want to consume all of the encouragement and all of the opportunities that I’ve been unwilling to accept as I’ve wallowed in my feelings of unworthiness.  I want to be consumed by gratitude for all that I’ve been blessed with. I want to consume the small simple pleasures that create happiness during the monotony of the day-to-day doldrums.

Simple put, I want to consume life.


9 thoughts on ““Consume”

      1. John, I’ll be praying and sending you well wishes for whatever you’re going through. I have learned to depend on the “this too shall pass” quote during the past two years, and I hope this will be true for you as well. Warmest wishes from Alaska.

      2. Thank you so much. I love the ‘”this too shall pass” quote since it carries with it a temporary thought which holds promise of a better time ahead and makes the current challenge bearable. 🙂

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