Just Two Minutes

I’ve been talking a lot the past few days about slowing down enough to enjoy the small things.  I’ve made several references to just how busy and chaotic things have been lately, and I’ve shared my desire to put the brakes on.  This morning I realized JUST how bad my problem is.

My eye doctor recently prescribed restasis for my dry eyes.  I’m to use the drops twice a day, and the only instructions are to keep the eyes closed for two minutes after using the drops, and to wait 15 minutes following the drops to put my contacts in.  This morning I added my restasis drops while laying on my bed and then immediately became restless (remember I only have to keep my eyes closed for two minutes..haha)

so –

in an effort to be efficient and not waste time, I got up and made the bed with my eyes closed.  Yeppers, in an attempt to get’r done, I slowly felt my way around my bed, using the entire two minutes to make the bed, fluff the pillows and tidy up the throw.

Houston, we have a problem with the whole relaxing thing!

photo 3


They say that when setting goals, they should be challenging, yet attainable.  I’m sure the goal setting gurus assume that most people will pursue more than a two-minute goal, however for today, I am going to do just that.

If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, it’s become inherently clear that my journey of slowing down needs to begin with a single minute or…two…as in the case of the post restasis necessary eye closure expectation.

Restasis may not have the poetic quality of other forms of enlightenment, but whatever works, right?


beginning tonight, my eye drops will be my single step.   For two minutes twice a day while my eyes are unavailable, I allow myself to fade to black and quietly listen.

Just listen.

2 thoughts on “Just Two Minutes

    1. You are absolutely correct! I’ve been fortunate to have the two weeks over the Christmas to not only rest, but also spend some time soul searching. On Monday I go back to work, and my classes begin again, so the key will be to make sure I don’t lose any of the momentum (notice I didn’t say progress…haha…since that’s still a work in..) I’ve gained.

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