Free Falling




5 thoughts on “Free Falling

  1. Hi, am wondering if I may please use this short poem in my book please and credit you as the author (if it is yours), I have a perfect spot it might fill, in return I will send you a complimentary ebook when published, pls let me know your thoughts, thank you!

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much for the such a compliment. I am the author of the poem, and I would be honored for you to include it, with the understanding that I’m credited for my work. ~Cindy 🙂

      1. Of course, please let me know the full name you would like to have appear with the poem, will email you an ebook copy when published, hopefully by March, was targetting feb but I fear that may not be possible as we are still busy with the design and editing.

      2. Hi again,
        My name is Cindy Burrill, and I live in Eagle River, Alaska, USA. If you need anything else at all, please let me know.
        Thank you again for considering me.

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