Who am I?

Several years ago I was in a literature class and given an assignment of writing a short essay about “who I am.”  I immediately began to pound the keyboard as I bragged about being a wife, mother, PTA president, Girl Scout leader and Sunday School teacher.  I felt certain I was going to be the star of the class as I shared the vast array of roles that I was experiencing in my life.

When the teacher returned the graded essay, I was aghast when I saw nothing but a giant red X across the front of my written words with one comment. “Those are roles you have, not who you are.”  Since that day almost ten years ago, I’ve struggled with how to answer that question.  My roles are very different now.  I’m divorced, my children are adults, and I’m now living the life of a doting grandmother, and yet I still cannot successfully define “who I am” — and with every day that passes, I become more for desperate for that resolve.

12 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. You might find the answer by asking “what do I bring to each of the roles?” You raise a good issue. I am involved in a large number of roles, but I think I bring humor. creativity and a willingness to work hard to each. Your teacher would probably say “those are attributes” a which point, I would drop the class 🙂

    1. Hah! I like your thought process Dan! I think our attributes do impact who we are, as do many of the roles we have. I also think the ulitmate question is more about what makes us “tick” as individuals and what kind of things “fill our teapot” in a way to feed our soul. I’ve spent my entire life as a caretaker and whereas I feel blessed in many ways, I do believe (after lots of introspection) that when we concentrate on others at the expense of ourselves, the imbalance can cause a bit of uncertainity with self.

  2. after reading this article I’m looking forward to write something entitled, ” I am your prejudice” …thanks for the share.. 🙂

  3. Wow! I guess i need to rewrite my “Who Am I” section on my blog. Here i thought i was being creative and fun. 😉 It’s true, though. We often define ourselves by our roles rather than looking deep inside ourselves and discovering who we truly are. Great post.

    1. Sue,
      Your “Who am I” was beautiful! I could tell how committed your heart is to others the minute I read it. I also fulfill many of the roles you shared, but as a single 51-year old grandma, I’m feeling the need to dig deeper into myself. Unfortunately, I’m still not entirely sure what that means.

      1. Thank you, Cindy! ☺ I believe as long as we are alive and walking on this earth we will constantly be learning, growing, digging deeper, and discovering more about ourselves and others. Maybe that’s what keeps life interesting…😉

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