A New Sunday


I pulled up the blankets, and tucked in my head
Determined to not have to get out of my bed.

I silenced my phone, and turned of the dings
Doing my best to not think of a thing.

I laid in a sunbeam, all snuggled within
Avoiding all moments of thinking of him.

With each passing moment,
My confidence raged.

Somehow, someway
I knew I’d survive this day.

I glanced at my phone, and then looked away
Avoiding the moment of contact and pain.

He continued to wait, selfish motives in place
Yet under my covers, I failed to engage.

Hiding from life, is sometimes ok
Sometimes you just need to get through the day.

I’ll grow up tomorrow, and move on my way
But today on this Sunday, I just need to fade.


Just Jot It January